About us

Kräuterhotel Villa Vontenie are Jeroen Bauer und Annetta Vontenie with support of a small team.

Annetta is educated a physical therapist and enjoys nature, sports (jogging & hiking), good food and Yoga/Ayurveda.

Jeroen has a master’s in exercise physiology and enjoys cooking, nature, gardening and sports (Badminton, cycling and squash)

In 2012, after working for many years in international management (Jeroen) and customer service (Annetta) in Holland, Sweden and Germany we decided to follow our dream. We started a hotel in which our guests can feel comfortable and enjoy the beautiful historical setting and relaxing atmosphere the same way that we do.

Here, directly opposite to the 800-year-old ruins of castle Ramstein in the middle of the forests of the river Kyll valley, we found the perfect location after a 2 years search.

Herbs represent a lifestyle in which Health, Nature, Sports and sustainability play a very important role.

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